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Baby news!

posted by Jahoo on December 11th, 2008

Congratulations to the Reardons and Zwolinskis!
We welcome Mariella R. and Amelia Z. into our extended family.

2008 New Better Than…

posted by Jahoo on December 4th, 2008

The winner is an elephant!
2008 is not quite over yet, but despite its maverick qualities and the holiday shopping season ahead, one can draw the conclusion that it was not a “Better Than..” year!
We will not soon forget the long list of injuries, defeats, ripped sails, lost luggage and financial assets, both as a team [...]

2008 Rolex Capri Sailing Week

posted by Jahoo on December 4th, 2008

In Marseille, I met Marcin Chodakiewicz who came to help me preparing the old BetterThan… for Capri Rolex Race Week.
Marcin is an internet catch.  I remembered the good deeds we got from the Nauticus crew in Szczecin and their passionate spirit, so when we decided to go back to Europe, I searched for Nauticus on [...]

Newport to Bermuda Race on Devocean

posted by Jahoo on December 4th, 2008

A few days later we were off to Newport for the Bermuda Race on Devocean.  Andrzej didn’t make it (Dominick Porco, winner from 2004 filled in), but Gosia, Marcin and I proudly represented BetterThan.. in that fine venue.
That was the first time in my life that I just got on a boat and went racing [...]

2008 Swan 42 National Championship NYYC Newport RI

posted by Jahoo on December 4th, 2008

The next event was Gosia’s all girl dream team, Swan 42 National Championship, during the NYYC Race Week in Newport.
The idea wasn’t that new, we had been talking about it ever since she grabbed the 18’s wheel 18 months earlier, but  the challenge lay in the timing.  Elizabeth was committed to the Olympics, Martha and [...]

2008 Swan 45 World Championship Porto Cervo Sardinia

posted by Jahoo on December 4th, 2008

After a few days of dealing with the car conversion to European standards, we picked up our dear friend PJ and drove south, stopping briefly in Prague and St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps.  We continued along lake Lugano, through Milano to Luca, where we spent a night with our friend Irena and her newly [...]

J22 BETTER YET… in Texas

posted by Jahoo on December 17th, 2007

The hard work paid off; Gosia and her rock star crew: Elizabeth Kratzig, Chafee Emory and Martha Parker took 16th place in the Rolex International Woman’s Keelboat Championship, hosted by Houston Yacht Club in La Porte Texas.
Last January, Gosia met Elizabeth in Miami and they went sailing out of the Shake a Leg facilities on a [...]

The Longest Season.

posted by Jahoo on December 15th, 2007

Key West Race Week 2007.
Better Than… put on some mileage this year, close to 13000 NM, which would be over half the distance of most around the globe races.   Well, some of it by ship and truck, but still…
We did some IRC racing against smaller boats in Key West and against the big boys in Miami, some vicious [...]

Spring 2007

posted by Jahoo on December 14th, 2007

February was a Miami boot camp, with Gosia and EK exploring the vast waters of Biscayne Bay. We not only got a taste of Olimpism while sharing meals with Kevin Burnham, Magnus Liljedahl, Pawel Kacperski and other stars, but also while crossing tacks on the practice course with their pupils in Olympic dinghies, mixing it [...]

Bloody England

posted by Jahoo on December 13th, 2007

England, bloody England.
There are things to learn everyday.  Dave Jurkowski flew in as originally scheduled and when I arrived with Kuba, he was already well settled in with tons of local knowledge that made our adaptation easier.
He told me that June is monsoon season in Southern England.  My oilskins, wellingtons and umbrella were in the container somewhere [...]

Swan 45 Gold Cup, Cowes

posted by Jahoo on December 12th, 2007

First lesson in Solent sailing:  you don’t dock double-handed.  We were assigned a spot in the marina, but it was taken, so we tried a small spot to starboard going backwards behind Tp52 Bear of Britain.   I chickened out and slowed down too early, the puff over 25kt hit, the 4kt current finished the job with [...]

Cruising to Amsterdam

posted by Jahoo on December 11th, 2007

Gosia, Paulina, St. John and the Michalek clan showed up to work around noon with the additional truck load of top gear for the journey. It took two days to sort things out, dividing piles of stuff into basic categories:
1. Necessary for cruising (on the boat).
2. Necessary for racing in Stockholm (in the van).
3. Wet [...]

North Sea and Kiel Canal

posted by Jahoo on December 10th, 2007

In the morning everybody wrote his or her postcards and after attaching our new very expensive equipment we were on the road again.
The seas were calm and spirits high we were flying in 15 to 20kt rich, couple hours later we spotted very unusual and beautiful cloud behind it was a huge white Nike logo [...]

To Stockholm

posted by Jahoo on December 9th, 2007

Out of Germanic jurisdiction, working our way out to the sea through massive throng of boats, we celebrated with some YEGERMEISTER and Sprite that Dave purchased in Olympic Marina.Baltic opened up for us with fair weather, although there was plenty of rain every single day, we skipped Copenhagen and Bornholm went straight for Visby on [...]

Baltic Tall Ship Race

posted by Jahoo on December 8th, 2007

After six hours of motoring we reached the starting area, weather forecast materialized in stiff 15 to 20kt from north/northwest filling our hearts and those on square riggers with joy and hope of easy victory down wind. Steve Devoe held safety briefing in which he promised to personally kill anybody who falls overboard, Gosia put [...]


posted by Jahoo on December 7th, 2007

The next four days was Szczecin, but in fact it was about 3 times its population, with crowds pouring in hundreds of thousands not only to see the boats but to welcome us, what a spirit!
On our sail from Swinoujscie first came young crew of Nauticus who helped us get diesel at night; unprovoked act [...]

Aunt Oska story

posted by Jahoo on December 6th, 2007

I must mention the story of my grand aunt Oska, she is the senior in the family I have missed the family festivities in July celebrating her 90th birthday so I am taking freedom to use this forum to honor her, by presenting her humble involvement in Tall Ships 2007.
Oska is a devoted historian surrounded [...]